What is the underground that does not conform to what we call commercial?

We had the underground railway, in the days of slavery, where people sought their freedom.

We had the underground political factions, and the underground or counter culture scene — whether it be music, art, life style or all three.

The underground has always been present in our lives. There is always a black market or an alternative way of obtaining what some prefer.

With commercial radio, the alternate scene was called “Pirate Radio,” of those the best known was “Radio Caroline” which broadcast from several decommissioned ferries off the east coast of the United Kingdom. The crux of the matter is that RC did not have a license to broadcast.

Art has always had an underground scene. Underground galleries have always been there, and so those in the know will attend those shows.

From 1920 to 1933, Prohibition created the underground clubs or “Speakeasies” where illegal alcohol was served. Places that, according to history, were controlled by organized crime.

These underground jazz clubs operated where the mainstream was seen as commercial. These clubs gave birth to great interpreters of the genre.

With technology all around us, the term underground perhaps may not be the correct label to describe those who disseminate their point of view or taste.

Global conglomerates have taken over the airwaves to create a commercial environment that often becomes a repetitive signal.

Internet radio fills the void created by commercial broadcasts. That signal is directed to those who do not conform to the norm, to those who prefer to dial up their own music when they want it and what they want.

Not all delivery of information is done through internet radio, some of it is done via blogs, video, and podcasts.

In keeping with the spirit of all things underground we present All Access Radios — our way of channeling the love and passion that we feel as an alternative to commercial radio. We hope that you are one of us.

If you enjoy what you hear, please pass the word around. Do it through the underground.


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