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I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to drop by the blog and check the fruits of our labor.

Music has always been a passion for me. I fell in to the role of dj due to the fact that I started as a record collector.

As luck may have it I met the program director of the local college station KTEP, during a snow storm he needed a dj to host their Salsa show. He gave me a call and the rest is history, as far as onair radio personality. From there I was recruited by the then new Smooth Jazz Radio Station KXCR, there I found myself being the go to guy to sub since I lived within minutes of the station.

By then my lp collection was rather sizable. With the bug already taking hold of me I commenced to add dance singles to the collection. So when the opportunity arose to dj for a local bar I was ready.

After many bars I delved in the Mobile Dj business with quite a success. Then with the nudging of my friends I decided to open OWS. One World Style. The only store catering to dj’s. Once the store closed I have continued to collect music but now in digital form.

I am lucky to have been welcomed to several Internet Radio Stations. Internet radios allows me to play the gamut of music without having to label myself one genre dj.

Looking forward to new relationships and new friends.

Thank You very much.

All Access Radios

Look for our OWS DJS page in facebook.

Our next installment of this blog will be the presentation of my friend and music collector Judge I-Rankin’


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