With a combined musical knowledge in excess of 120 years, DJ Match and Judge I-Rankin’ created allaccessradios.com as a digital portal to music they have come to know and love and want to inflict that love of all styles on you, the discerning listener looking for the elusive but just right soundtrack to your life.


DJ Match, a veritable legend and mainstay of El Chuco’s music scene, began his deep immersion into all styles of music by selling vinyl local record stores Budget Tapes, Wee Tam, All That Music, and Paradise Records. DJ Match made the obvious jump from selling vinyl to playing it on the radio via University of Texas El Paso’s KTEP and the local community-supported station KXCR. In between all that he was promoting reggae, punk and rock shows at local venues. From there he began fronting his own shop One World Style, which serviced the local DJ community with bleeding-edge dance tracks from all parts of the globe. DJ Match still drops serious science on the decks at venues all over El Chuco and on DJ mix sites on the Internet where you can hear him spinning house, cumbia, reggae, funk, disco, oldies, soul, rock, punk, norteńo, salsa, jazz, blues, and country punk klezmer.


Judge I-Rankin’ started his music initiation as a child prodigy tickling the ivories, then switched to playing French horn in band and orchestra. Rather than selling vinyl, Judge took up writing about music as a freelance editor for the Phoenix New Times, Spin, Factsheet Five, OP Magazine, and countless other low-paying venues that would suffer through his iconoclastic reviews of reggae, punk, metal, jazz, and all manner of under-the-counter-culture music which otherwise would never have seen the light of day. Judge made the leap from literary to listener with on-air radio time at KXCR, where he met DJ Match and cemented a bond over a mutual love of reggae specifically, and all music generally that continues to this day in the era of digital transmissions.